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Q: Brands of products used:
    A: Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, Makeup Forever, Laurier Mercier, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Tarte, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, NARS and so on... ... 

Q: Safe for sensitive skin?
    A: Yes. Sensitive skin users should notify me, I will use appropriate products.

    Waterproof / Oil Free makeup available to cater to your needs! 

Q: Housecall charges.
    A: Early morning charges before 7.30a.m : $30, before 5.30a.m: $50. Do chat with me for more information.


Q: What kind of makeup suits me?

  A:  Don’t be afraid to sport a less than common look for your wedding, if that’s what makes you comfortable. Similarly, if a dark brown or black smoky eye look is not quite your thing, even if that’s what every bride does for her evening make up, don’t be afraid to request for something more neutral or sweet.


Q: Is it necessary to keep my hair long for my wedding?

  A: If you don’t wish to grow your hair out for your big day, then don’t. There are plenty of wedding appropriate styles for short hair. Even if you have a long bob, your hair can be styled into an updo with appropriate hairstyling acsessories. Do what makes you comfortable. 



Important points to note for Bridal makeup & hairstyling trial


Try not to remove your make up or undo your hair immediately after your trial session to see how it holds up in the heat and humidity. The longevity of your make up and hair style, especially if you’ve opted for curls, depends on your skin type, hair quality and the humidity in the air. So, take note how quickly your face turns oily and your hair to uncurl after your trial session and feedback to your stylist so that I can make any necessary changes or reinforcements on your actual day.


Since you are paying for my services, don’t be afraid to voice out any requests you have, such as drawing your brows or curling your eyelashes a certain way, or for me to use your own make up products instead of mine. I don't mind using your make up products, but do bring them along to your makeup session if you intend to use them.




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