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Korean Makeup Trends - Eyebrow tints/ Lip Tints

Who else like me thinks these are such a ingenious idea?

Long lasting makeup is now a dream come true!

Introducing some products that I've tried & tested!

Clio's Eyebrow Tint

Apparently, the tint is caused by a natural plant-based ingredient that reacts with amino acids in the skin to create a natural “tan” on the brows, similar to your natural brow colour. With repeated use over two or three days, the stained brows are said to last up to a week!!

The tint will fade within the next week if you do not continue to use the product because of the skin’s natural exfoliation process.

Can't wait to try out Etude house's version of the eyebrow tint, which will be available in Singapore's stores in April!

Lip Tint

There's few types of Lip Tints available -

Berrisom Lip tint pack is a peel-off liptint that can stain your lips with vibrant colours for up to 12-hours! In my opinion it lasts longer than regular non-peel off lip stains.

Because of its sticky-like gluey texture, it is more challenging to apply evenly and it requires 5-10 minutes for the lip tint to dry completely before peeling off. It may be abit drying on the lips after peeling off, but a light thin gloss does the trick!

Recommended for busy ones who have no time for lip colour touch-up & perfect for Mommies who wants have pretty lips and also able to kiss their babies without leaving a mark on their baby's skin!

Here's one of the lip tint that I find myself using almost daily - Etude House My Darling Tint! It's a very light watery texture consistency, dries up almost immediately - literally a swipe and go lip color that requires minimal effort. It's also very easy to touch your lips with these even without a mirror!

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