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First time with Fringe wig

I was sent this photo of this pretty model as I was scheduled to do Makeup & hairstyling for a photoshoot campaign. I was told to find a Fringe/bangs wig for her.

I spent two days looking for the right one and bought two just in case.

Was a little nervous because it was the first time I'm using a fringe wig and I was afraid it might look unnatural on the photos. One more thing is I have never met this model in real life before, so I was also afraid that the hair colour might not match!

I picked this from a store in Far East Plaza. This fringe wig has the best colour match even though the bangs was kinda too thick for my liking. I bought it home, attached it to my mannequin and started trimming the bangs.

This is how Yelina looks like with the fringe wig attached to her real hair.

It turned out surprisingly natural & beautiful on her!

Before & After

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